Love, twue love: THE WEDDING

Wied Hall in Shiner, Texas

Welcome friends y familia and cyber strangers. My name is Kellen Elizabeth Walker, formally a Stanley, and if you can't yet tell, a month ago I got MARRIED.

Above is the love of my life, Barry Walker. Also, featured in my bridal portrait is the canine love of my life, Ziggy, dachshund black and tan, age 5, in a fedora off Etsy and wheels to help with her bad back. Wied Hall, a place that just turned 100 years old, was the space we hosted our nuptials at. Grant Jacobs, owner of the Restless Wind pub in San Marcos and a dear friend to both Barry and I (not to mention the reason why we got together in the first place), married us in the beautiful May setting sun.

The dress was made by my favorite Canadian ex-pat, Cathy Kelly, currently out of San Marcos. I spoke with her about my bad luck with finding a dress and the pipe dream that I could use my mom's wedding dress into mine. Little did I know, back in the Canadian days, she used to make entire wedding parties' dresses, including the bride's. We were a match made in San Marcos heaven. The lace trim on the bottom is my mother's bottom of her dress from the 80's, tea stained to go with my ivory gown. 

The photography was taken by the lovely Mr. Eric Morales, a fashion photographer in the San Marcos-Austin area, and not to mention a dear friend and fellow film nerd (most of these photos are taken with medium format film, Velvia VC 220mm to be exact).

The exquisite, very attention-to-detail, delicious catering was done by the artist known as Pelon and his business, Pearl Snap Catering (also out of San Marcos-- aka, the guy responsible for most of the Root Cellar's menu). What a dreamboat friend of mine, too. He and his sous-chef Taylor really upped the antie with their impeccable taste and food layouts. 

The set design, recycled + revamped from a previous play of mine, The Marnie Tape, was a collaboration (as always) by myself and my creative partner-in-crime / maid of honor, Jessica Quazi. She also curated the musical acts of Barry and my friends who are both musically inclined and who were interested in playing a song in the hall. 

All other detail-oriented things like the tables and jars and photobooth and et cetera were all collaborations with family and friends, mostly with my mom, Patsy Stanley, and her talented eye for antiques. 

The bouquet and groom boutineer was designed by my friend Erin of Eden's Echo in San Antonio.

The cake was baked by my mom and new mother-in-law, Trudy {no joke!!} and was iced & sculpted by my new sister-in-law, Erin. The ridiculously-decadent (in a very down-home-cooking way) pies were made by the Lone Camp Depot (near our lakehouse in Palo Pinto). I'm pretty sure this lady's buttermilk pecan pie is the best sweet bite I've ever had... No website for this business, but if you're ever around the Mineral Wells area (or going west from Fort Worth), call this gal up @ 940.659.4522

And the deejay, both digital and vinyl--motown and doo-wop driven--was halfway curated by myself {Dj KK} and the other half (the better half) spun by my brother, Brendan Stanley {deejay-name hopeful: Favorite Flavor, or suggestions can be sent to his show, Stormy Mondays, on KTSW 89.9 in San Marcos -- Mondays 10pm-midnight...the dj in me had to plug his badass show!}  // Music mixed by another brother from the same mother, Justin Stanley, of the Lubbock band Primordial Sun {thanks again, y'all, for the PA}

Enough nerding and shouting out... without further ado, let's see the damn photos---------->



Thanks, Shannon Gowen, for this lil' image above :)

Yellow craspedia and silver brunia in medicine bottles installation. The dried flowers were bought off Etsy.


My mom's creation of food-coloring-dyed mason jars (DOPE!) hanging in the trees (totally got that idea from Pinterest, won't lie)

The absolute best potato salad you either had or some day should have.

{What, with all us getting ready... of course one must have a beer before walking down the aisle.}

The bouquet, close up. Russian bride veil found on Etsy. :):)

We had the "checkers" tables out in the outdoors, equipped with some games! Totally Barry and my style.

My grandmommy's beautiful white hair.

Picnic-themed, y'all. 

Barry's boutineer, above.

Granty, Jess and Bear, ready to start the ceremony.

Daddio and I walking down the grassy aisle.

Us doing our hand-written vows. Mine included reading from Rilke's Letters to a Young Poet.

You boys are a couple of studs!

This was probably when we joked about me losing Barry's ring, somewhere between Wied Hall and getting to the aisle... 

{Just murried!}

Fam Photo {-Otis}

The Walkers + The Stanleys


So 1957.

Justin all geared up-- those wires don't lie.

Scott Doland on the piano!!

Chris Espiritu on guitar.

Faith Delphi and her magical accordion and pregnant belly.

Jess, my girl, running the show.

My cousins dancing {a Miller girl tradition} and aunt Karen singing ukulele.

Me, Jess, and Mallory {my oldest friends}, singing "Book of Love" by Magnetic Fields. 

First dance! "I Only Have Eyes for You" by The Flamingos.

Two-stepping son of a gun. Me & Pops, to "Don't Worry Baby" by the Beach Boys.

Awwww, son & mama dance! "Forever and Ever Amen" by Brooks & Dunn.

Of course, the dancin'


Billyfrog olden days.

Our caterers, Pelon y Taylor.

My mom is so fun.


Brother Sis.


{ YUP = that's all for now, folks! }